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The Great Blessing – MS. Shurfa (First year)

Stars of Vicuna, Chile

Friendship is one of the greatest blessing that not everyone is lucky enough to have. True
friendship is a rare jewel and only few are fortunate to experience it Amongst the many
acquaintances we make, finding a lifelong friend is unique blessing. We meet a lot of people
in the journey of life but there few who leave mark on Us.
My best friend, Rana is more than just a companion; She is a reflection of my soul. We’ve
shared countless adventures, from giggling ovary silly jokes to navigating life’s inevitable
bumps Rana possesses a rare combination of wish and wisdom, always offering a listening
ear and a shoulder to Lear on. Her unwavering support and Infectious laughter make even
the toughest days feel brighter.
We understand each other ‘s silences, share secrets whispered in the dead of the night, and
celebrate victories as if they were our own. Rana is the kind of friend you can be completely
yourself around knowing you’ll be accepted and cherished, flows and all She’s not just my
best friend She’s the sister I never had a constant source of love and inspiration.

Good friends are like star. you may not see them always but they are there
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