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Building Friendship – MF. Safa Maryam (First year)

Most of us know about friendship as it is a relationship. of being together, understanding
each other, giving up everything among them, secret sharing and etc. But, here I would like
to share about my best friend. My best friend is Maryam. My name is also Maryam. Most of
my favorite thing between us is having same name.
I met my best friend at our school when we were studying grade 06. I wasn’t that much
close with her. I got closed with her in grade 10. At those times I had been fighting with her
always for silly things. I think it was beautiful fights. I love it much.
She loves me very well. But, we had best understanding each other. If we had a situation of
fighting that understanding prevents us from that fight. If I want to say about my friendship
with her, it is like,

Friendship is like milk toffees, they’re very sweet with few nuts in them

We have been together less than one and half a year. I feel bad when I think about that. At
the same time, I think these are the almighty’s plan. I love my best friend very much.

Good friends are like stars, you may not always see them. but they are there.
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