Building Friendship – MF. Safa Maryam (First year)

Most of us know about friendship as it is a relationship. of being together, understandingeach other, giving up everything among them, secret sharing and etc. But, here I would liketo share about my best friend. My best friend is Maryam. My name is also Maryam. Most ofmy favorite thing between us is having same name.I […]

The Great Blessing – MS. Shurfa (First year)

Stars of Vicuna, Chile

Friendship is one of the greatest blessing that not everyone is lucky enough to have. Truefriendship is a rare jewel and only few are fortunate to experience it Amongst the manyacquaintances we make, finding a lifelong friend is unique blessing. We meet a lot of peoplein the journey of life but there few who leave […]